Rasgón Wines

The Castilla-La Mancha plateau, Spain’s largest production area, has a continental-Mediterranean climate, with very cold winters and extremely hot summers with little rainfall, making it a unique territory. The vines are deeply rooted in the sparse mineral soils and thus develop a vine quality. Bodegas Rasgón, based here, vinifies harmoniously fruity wines under the leadership of Chief Winemaker Javier Muñoz, who belongs to the young, up-and-coming generation of Spanish winegrowers, using the most modern winegrowing techniques and the latest oenological findings. They convince with a wide spectrum of aromas and intense colour. An extraordinarily full-bodied pleasure experience at the best price.


ELEGANCE - harmonious, clear, refreshing! A cool summer wine invites to aromas of citrus fruits and green apples.



Seafood, sea bream in salt with grilled vegetables, salads, desserts

7 - 9 °C

Alcohol | Acidity | Residual Sugar
11,5% vol | 4,7 g/l | 13 g/l

The bright pink colour of the wine is as animating as the wine itself. With its pleasant balance of sweetness and the aromas of red berries, this wine is a versatile accompaniment to many dishes.

Light Strawberry-Red


As an aperitif, as accompanying light meat, fish dishes and cheeses

8 - 10 °C

Alcohol | Acidity | Residual Sugar
12% vol | 5,2 g/l | 13 g/l


TEMPERAMENT - smooth, spicy, fruity! An expressive tempranillo with pronounced blackberry aromas.

Deep Red


Manchego cheese, olives, Serrano, Mediterranean cuisine

16 - 18 °C

Alcohol | Acidity | Residual Sugar
12,5% vol | 4,8 g/l | 12,0 g/l

Intense hints of red fruits like currant and cherry harmonize perfectly with its gentle spiciness. A sweet and refreshing red wine that is preferably enjoyed chilled.

Intense cherry-red


Accompany with appetizers, spicy meats, chocolate brownies

10 - 12 °C

Alcohol | Acidity | Residual Sugar
11% vol | 4,9 g/l | 48 g/l


Very fruity with aromas of plums and cherries. Spicy on the nose, powerful and harmoniously dry on the palate.

Deep Red


To braised and grilled meat, mature cheeses

16 - 18 °C

Alcohol | Acidity | Residual Sugar
13% vol | 5,1 g/l | 4 g/l