Castilla-La Mancha\ncuisine

The Spanish cuisine is very diverse and rooted in an eventful history. The regional distinctions are significant. The regional cooking is strongly influenced by the extreme climate and based on a prolific vegetable cultivation, sheep breeding, and hunting. The traditional clay pots are omnipresent and used for storing, cooking and serving the food. Bread, olive oil and garlic form the foundation of Castilian cuisine. They are joined by Aubergines, which are widely grown, lamb and game, such as partridges, wild boar or rabbits are other typical ingredients. The food is rustic and very aromatic, and is excellently complemented by the full-bodied wines cultivated in the region.

Below you will find some recipes which are typical for the region and go well with Rasgón wines. We hope you enjoy them - ¡Buen Provecho!